Wanderlust PRE-ORDER


(January 24, 2013, Independent)

Wanderlust is a CD that could have only been conceived in New Orleans. New Orleans’s legacy as a port city meant that it was constantly importing new sounds from all over the globe. These sounds are reflected in the album, including afro-carribean, brazillian, african, spanish, european classical, middle eastern, indian, american swing (both of the southern and northern varieties), hip-hop, rock, and electronic/experimental. Musicians in New Orleans have grown up and studied in this tradition, and as such, they are some of the most creative and versatile players in the world.  There is also a strong sense of camaraderie between New Orleans musicians that is unlike any other music scene. All of the musicians in New Orleans know each other and play with each other, regardless of what style of music or background they come from. This leads to very interesting and surprising combinations of players (as are present on “Wanderlust”). Yet with all of its innovative and creative energy, New Orleans is very much rooted in tradition. As such, “Wanderlust” features giants of the old guard of New Orleans music in addition to the young lions of the new generation.


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