Progression (and other NOLA shows)

I’m proud to be performing as part of Sasha and Ian’s new music series: Progression (every tuesday this month at Saturn Bar). I’ll be playing as part of Sasha’s group and in addition my band Zosimus will be performing on April 9th. Here’s a list of all of the other performances I’ve got going on before heading back on tour with the Mike Dillon Band.

4/2 9pm Saturn Bar (Progression): Sasha Masakowski
4/2 10pm Blue Nile Upstairs (Open Ears): Duo with G Maxwell Zemanovic
4/4 2:30pm NOCCA : Cliff Hines
4/4 8pm Big Top : Trio with William Thompson and simon lott
4/5 10pm Cafe Istanbul (House of the Young) : Ciel Rouge
4/6 10pm Blue Nile : Yojimbo CD Release Party
4/7 8pm Bacchanal : Cliff Hines
4/9 10pm Saturn Bar (Progression) : Zosimus (with Rex Gregory)

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